Jeroen Hoenselaar (°1981, Middelburg, the Netherlands) is specialised in charcoal/pencil drawings, writing, photography and video. By sawing at the legs of the standard philosophical and scientific notions, Hoenselaar repudiates the believe in absolute truths; he makes his work in the uncertainty of scientific findings and the frailty of todays theories. Contemplating on society he searches for new possibilities in our future endeavouring. By trying to crawl under the skin of human kind, he lays small time bombs that are set to detonate in the past rather than at the time of discovery. Through narrativity Hoenselaar tries to find a storyline in our societal difficulties, which eventuates in three-dimensional portraits of his ideas and worlds.

Jeroen Hoenselaar currently lives and works in Haarlem.


2017-2018 | Schrijversvakschool, Amsterdam
2008-2010 | Bachelor of Fine Arts Ed at the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming/AHK, Amsterdam
2003-2007 | Bachelor Photography at the Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving/St. Joost, Breda


Videoscreening BEAM This #3, Sociëteit Vereeniging Haarlem
Videoscreening BEAM This #2, KHL Haarlem

Filmscreening at De Nederlandse Filmnacht, De Filmschuur Haarlem

Group exhibition Photofestival Schiedam Horen, Zien, Zwijgen (curator)

Group exhibition Zomerexpo, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Solo exhibition at the releaseparty of REALmag.#2.5, Rotterdam

On the Open Wall at De Balie, Amsterdam

Solo exhibition at the RE:Rotterdam Art Fair

Group exhibition Open Source Expo, Incubate Festival Tilburg
Group exhibition Thank You For Watching, Etalage Derde Wal, Nijmegen

Group exhibition Helaas, Etalage Derde Wal, Nijmegen
Group exhibition Biskwie#2, Slaakhuys, Rotterdam
Travelling exhibition (for a year) Gouden Handen, commissioned work for ActiZ
Solo exhibition, Café/Restaurant Dwaze Zaken, Amsterdam
Group exhibition Open Source Expo, Incubate Festival Tilburg
Group exhibition KIEMkracht, CBK Amsterdam
On the Open Wall at De Balie, Amsterdam
Solo exhibition, Café/Restaurant Wolvenstraat, Amsterdam
Solo exhibition I Can Sense It, Galerie HAAGS, The Hague

Online exposure website CBK Noord Holland

Group exhibition Synthesis, Roodkapje Rotterdam
Group exhibition SPACE, DEK-22 Rotterdam (curator i.c.w. Lorelinde Verhees)

Group exhibition Paraat#3, De Veemvloer Amsterdam
Group exhibition Bont gemaakt, V!P’s Gallerie Rotterdam
Graduation exhibition, AKV/ St. Joost Breda

Group exhibition Te Mooi Om Waar Te Zijn, Breda Photo Festival


REALmag. magazine issue 3 October 2015 – Zwart-Wit Denken

REALmag. magazine issue 2.5 March 2015 – Waanzin

Subbacultcha magazine (2013)

Tijdschrift Terras (2013) – Raaijmakers Project

Galeries_nl (2013) – Art of the Day (Margriet Kemper)

Artbookguy_com (2012) – TEXTURAL IMAGERY

MISTER MOTLEY Magazine Online (2009) – Mini reportage: Na de academie

Tubelight 57/28.07.2008 – Flashback – Synthesis in Roodkapje

BLEND Magazine issue 29/January 2008 – New Talent – Photography of the future


Founder and chief editor of online art & design magazine (X=Y).

His work is part of private collections in the Netherlands and Belgium.